Do you have numbness, tingling, burning, abnormal sensations or pain in your feet? Have these feelings spread to your legs and hands?

Do your legs feel heavy? Do you find yourself losing balance, not being exactly sure where your feet are so you tend to stumble or fall? Do you tend to widen your walking stance to help keep your balance which creates a less rhythmic or fluid gait? Do things tend to drop out of your hands, even when you feel that you have a good grip on them?

Peripheral neuropathy may be the answer. Symptoms and signs vary in how they begin for each person but the questions outlined above indicate some common indicators.

Hello, my name is Dr. Drew McPhail, and if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, we can help! Our facility is a state of the art powerhouse of healing! Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best care possible, and we use the best techniques and technology to do so.

Our dedicated and highly trained doctors and staff are committed to helping our patients realize and achieve their God-given inborn potential. And it is this commitment that ultimately provides us the opportunity to change lives.

You Can Relieve Neuropathy Pain and Enjoy Life Again!
 Reduce Cramps and Pains
 Less Restless Legs
 Improve Sleep
 Reduce Numbness and Tingling
 Experience Touch Without Pain
 Improve Sense of Balance
 Reduce Feelings of Walking on Pins and Needles
 Reduce Feelings of Burning in the Feet and Legs
 Less Dependency on Medications

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